Beterval Grifstyl

Beterval S.L.  and Griferías GrifStyl S.L. are located in the city of Bétera, a village near to Valencia, inside of the Valencian community, specifically in the province of Valencia, Spain. We are engaged in manufacturing and marketing of sanitary faucets, also having a wide range of accessories aimed at professionals in the plumbing.

Our enterprises was born on 2003, through the efforts of Vicente Torrent, whose industry experience dates back to the 60s. Generational change is reflected in the work they currently perform their two sons, Vicente y Eduardo Torrent, those in charge of both companies, and with the experience and advice of his father,  make it possible to meet quality objectives and product design, to become a serious and competitive company within the hard market taps. Also to mention that the entire team does a great job giving our stamp of quality items representing our brand and working as a real family.

In the following pages you will find different types of faucets, fittings and accessories that we are pleased to present, with a marketing and after sales service adequate to meet customer needs.

We have a large range of items which enables us to deal quickly and effectively to our clients.

Our team will be happy to accommodate your requests and resolve any doubts they may have about any of our products. The ultimate purpose of our work is the satisfaction and pleasure of our customers.

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